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Why Laser Hair Removal For Men

and is it right for me?

Why Choose Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal for men is becoming increasingly popular. More and more men are turning to the treatment for help with reducing both the amount of hair on their bodies, and the time they take to maintain it. One clinic in London even reports a client base of almost 50% men. With a few sessions, laser hair removal can be an effective treatment to reduce or remove unwanted hair. No wonder so many men are making laser hair removal part of their grooming routine.

Can men get Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is increasingly an option for men taking an active step towards an easier hair care routine. The treatment can be used to target areas such as the back and shoulders, or even smaller areas like the nose and ears. There is also the possibility for laser hair reduction. This works in the same way as removal and has all the same benefits, but is more suitable if you’d just prefer less hair in certain areas.

Men can get laser hair removal and reduction for all sorts of reasons. These include reduction for styling purposes, for example on the face, or complete removal on areas such as the back or chest, or other areas where sweat and itchiness can become a problem. The only difference with men is that the number of treatments needed may be higher. This is down to higher testosterone levels, which contribute to a higher quantity of hair in comparison to women.

How does laser hair removal for men work?

Laser hair removal works by using powerful lasers or intense pulsed light to target both the melanin pigment and follicle of the hair to destroy it. Extremely high-powered beams of light convert to heat as they pass through the skin. Melanin in the hair follicle absorbs the heat. This heats up the root, and inhibits further growth by shrinking the follicle and damaging its ability to grow hair.

How many sessions will I need?

The process is not as daunting as men may think. Just six to eight 45-minute sessions can remove up to 90% of your unwanted body hair forever. The minimal pain upkeep associated with laser hair removal can be an attractive selling point for those who may not want the hair but do not like keeping up with the regular grooming associated with shaving or waxing.

Is the treatment right for me?

As laser hair removal for men becomes as popular as traditional methods, more and more men are discovering the benefits. The treatment is hassle free – simply book your appointment and turn up – not to mention it takes away the pain of waxing and the annoyance of maintaining hair over a lifetime of shaving every single day. Today, many men are enjoying a new found confidence because of a permanent reduction in their unwanted hair.

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